Dec 13 – 15, 2022
UNC - Chapel Hill
America/New_York timezone

White Papers

We invite input from the community to this Town Hall on Fundamental Symmetries, Neutrinos, and Neutrons in the form of topical white papers. The papers should concisely articulate scientific opportunities, highlighting recent achievements and (most importantly) the path towards discoveries in the next decade and beyond. The papers will be used by the organizing and writing committees to understand overall community efforts, find common themes, and identify new physics opportunities to inform the content of the Town Hall and the subsequent summary white paper.  There are no restrictions on scope or scale – we encourage and want to be inclusive of all ideas relevant to our community.

Topical white papers may also include suggestions for Town Hall recommendations or resolutions.

To ensure maximal impact, please keep the length modest and/or include a comprehensive executive summary, limited to 2 pages.  White papers should address the following:

  • Motivation / physics case and the technique proposed
  • Progress and future prospects
  • Timeline
  • Resources required
  • Who is involved

Submit the papers via email to Jon Engel at  before November 25th, 2022 for maximal consideration during the Town Meeting.  We will accept submissions for posting to the website (including final updates to submitted papers) until December 23, 2022

All papers will be added to the the APS Engage Long Range Plan Web site and posted below. 

Current White Papers

A .tar file with all 20 white papers below (updated 2022-12-24)

Past White Papers