Dec 13 – 15, 2022
UNC - Chapel Hill
America/New_York timezone


The organizers of the FSNN Town Hall meeting are committed to creating an inclusive, accessible, and welcoming environment for you to fully engage in this important community planning exercise.  

Remote Participation

All meeting sessions and discussion will be conducted over zoom with proper A/V equipment to capture all meeting activities. 

Dietary Restrictions

Participants can state their dietary needs during the indico registration process, which can be modified after initial registration (see below).


We can provide a list of "Helping Heels" - people who are affiliated with UNC who offer services, such as childcare, on a short-term basis. Please make this special request during the indico registration process, which can be modified after initial registration (see below).

Lactation or Private Rooms

A private lactation room is available behind the front desks. Guests can check in with the receptionist to have that room unlocked for them.

Gender Neutral Bathroom

Gender neutral bathrooms are available on the second floor of the event center. There will be someone at the front desk at all times, who can provide directions to this bathroom. 

Code of Conduct

All participants must acknowledge and agree to the meeting's Code of Conduct. A link to the Code of Conduct is presented to participants upon initial registration on indico. During onsite registration check-in, participants will be asked to affirm they will abide by the Code of Conduct. Remote participants will be given a similar request before participating over zoom. 

Special Requests

Any other special requests that will aid in your participation in this town meeting can be made during the indico registration process. If you need to modify your registration responses, you can follow the unique link emailed to you upon initial submission; look for the email subject: [Indico] Registration for Fundamental Symmetries, Neutrons, and Neutrinos Town Meeting. If you need any assistance modifying your indico registration details, please contact . Any other needs can be directed to the local organizing contact