A workshop on neutrino interaction measurements in the low-energy regime relevant for supernova neutrino detection will be held at Oak Ridge National Laboratory on March 6-10, 2023.  The workshop portion will be March 6-8, and March 9-10 will be for working group meetings.


This workshop will be in-person with a remote component.


The primary aim of the workshop is to develop the parameters of an experimental program aimed at measurement of neutrino-nucleus cross sections in the <50 MeV regime relevant for supernova neutrino detection using neutrinos from pion decay at rest, with particular focus on opportunities available at the ORNL First and Second Target Station.    Targets of interest include oxygen, argon, carbon, lead, and xenon.  The output of this workshop will be a white paper report.




  • Supernova neutrinos: theory

  • Supernova neutrinos: detectors and complementarity

  • Current experimental programs

  • Neutrino interactions in the few tens of MeV range

  • Cross section measurement opportunities

Registration for this event is currently open.