May 15 – 21, 2022
America/New_York timezone


The scientific program of the workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering, nuclear excitation by neutrinos
  • Neutrino scattering in nuclear physics, astrophysics, nucleosynthesis, oscillation experiments
  • Solar and supernova neutrinos: models and detection
  • Double beta decay: experiments and nuclear matrix elements
  • Beta decay for neutrino mass measurements
  • Cosmological neutrinos and detection feasibility
  • Neutrino flavor transformation
  • Beyond-the-Standard-Model physics searches, sterile neutrinos, experimental anomalies
  • Direct dark-matter searches with atomic and nuclear targets
  • Indirect dark-matter searches
  • Neutrino astronomy and multi-messenger astrophysics
  • Instrumentation for neutrino and dark matter detection
  • The future of nuclear-structure theory/experiment and its implications for fundamental physics