Dec 1 – 3, 2021
America/New_York timezone

Quantum Simulation in the Front Form

Dec 1, 2021, 11:50 AM


Michael Kreshchuk (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)


The light-front quantization provides a natural framework for digital quantum simulation of quantum field theory. In our work (2002.04016, 2105.10941), we demonstrated this by developing quantum algorithms based on simulating time evolution and adiabatic state preparation. We discussed various ways of encoding physical states in the quantum computer and provided resource estimates for Yukawa model in 1+1D and for QCD in 3+1D. We explained how recently developed optimal and nearly-optimal oracle-based quantum simulation algorithms can be used for quantum simulation of QFT in the second-quantized formulation. We also discussed the measurement of various static observables. This work laid the basis for our research on near-term simulation algorithms, based on the Variational Quantum Eigensolver and Basis Light-Front Quantization (2011.13443, 2009.07885). Having much in common with ab initio quantum chemistry and nuclear theory, the BLFQ formulation provides an ideal framework for benchmarking NISQ devices and testing existing algorithms on physically relevant problems such as the calculation of hadronic spectra and parton distribution functions.

Primary author

Michael Kreshchuk (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

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