Dec 1 – 3, 2021
America/New_York timezone

Towards Simulating U(1) Gauge Theories on Digital Quantum Computers

Dec 1, 2021, 11:30 AM


Dorota Grabowska (CERN)


The Standard Model of Particle Physics, encapsulating the vast majority of our understanding of the fundamental nature of our Universe, is at its core a gauge theory. In order to harness the full potential of quantum computers, an efficient implementation of the Hamiltonian of gauge theories on quantum processors is a mandatory first step. This is no simple task due to the redundancies present in any gauge theory, as well as the finite number of degrees of freedom inherent to any simulation. In this talk, I present a novel gauge-redundancy free formulation of U(1) gauge theories that allows for such a resource-efficient implementation. The representation minimally violates the canonical commutation relations while achieving per-mille accuracy in the energies of the low-lying states.

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