Dec 1 – 3, 2021
America/New_York timezone

High-fidelity microwave-optical quantum transduction based on three-dimensional microwave cavities for quantum networks and sensing

Dec 3, 2021, 10:40 AM


Dr Silvia Zorzetti (Fermilab)


Microwave-optical quantum transducers that convert quantum information between microwave and optical frequencies with high fidelity play a crucial role in long-distance quantum networks and have promising breakthroughs in quantum sensing. High-efficiency and low-noise quantum transduction in the quantum level remains challenging in the current designs and demonstrations. At Fermilab we have developed bulk Nb superconducting cavities with record-high 2 second photon lifetime (Q=$10^{11}$), which represents a significant improvement compared to previous efforts. Coupling these SRF cavities with nonlinear optical resonators will herald a powerful quantum internet network. We are exploring coherent resonance hybrid systems and bi-directional quantum technology to up/down- convert the information to/from the optical regime. These novel quantum systems with very low parasitic losses are designed to achieve an optimal overlap of optical and microwave fields and maximize conversion efficiency at very low $mK$ temperatures, as well as high fidelity in quantum states transportation.

Primary author

Dr Silvia Zorzetti (Fermilab)


Dr Changqing Wang (Fermilab)

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