7th Symposium on Neutrinos and Dark Matter in Nuclear Physics (NDM22)

from Sunday, 15 May 2022 (18:00) to Saturday, 21 May 2022 (13:55)
Arcade Ballroom

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15 May 2022
16 May 2022
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21 May 2022
08:00 --- Conference Check-in ---
09:00 Opening - Jonathan Engel (University of North Carolina)   (Arcade Ballroom)
Plenary - Kate Scholberg (Duke University) (until 10:40) (Arcade Ballroom)
09:10 Neutrino nucleus scattering - Saori Pastore   (Arcade Ballroom)
09:40 Measuring long-baseline neutrino oscillations with NOvA and T2K - Zoya Vallari   (Arcade Ballroom)
10:10 Long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments - Elizabeth Worcester (Brookhaven National Lab)   (Arcade Ballroom)
10:40 --- Break ---
Plenary - Julieta Gruszko (UNC Chapel Hill) (until 13:10) (Arcade Ballroom)
11:10 [REMOTE] The Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory Experiment - Wei Wang (Sun Yat-sen University)   (Arcade Ballroom)
11:40 Short Baseline Overview - Taritree Wongjirad   (Arcade Ballroom)
12:10 Sterile Neutrinos - Andre de Gouvea (Northwestern University)   (Arcade Ballroom)
12:40 Sterile Overview - Bryce Littlejohn   (Arcade Ballroom)
Plenary - Gail McLaughlin (until 10:00) (Arcade Ballroom)
08:30 Nuclear Physics of Neutron Star Mergers - Prof. Radice David (Penn State)   (Arcade Ballroom)
09:00 [REMOTE] New Frontiers for Understanding Supernova Neutrinos - John Beacom (OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY)   (Arcade Ballroom)
09:30 [REMOTE] Flavor Transformation - George Fuller   (Arcade Ballroom)
10:00 --- Break ---
Plenary - Mary Kidd (Tennessee Technological University) (until 12:30) (Arcade Ballroom)
10:30 Status and Prospects of Cosmology Surveys - Prof. Michael Troxel (Duke University)   (Arcade Ballroom)
11:00 Next-Generation CMB Experiments - Clarence Chang (Argonne National Lab & the University of Chicago)   (Arcade Ballroom)
11:30 Dark Matter in the Universe - Adrienne Erickcek (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)   (Arcade Ballroom)
12:00 [REMOTE] MeV-Scale Dark Matter Searches - juan estrada (Fermilab)   (Arcade Ballroom)
Plenary - Amy Nicholson (UNC Chapel Hill) (until 10:00) (Arcade Ballroom)
08:30 Neutrino signals and/or backgrounds in dark matter detectors - Louis Strigari (Texas A&M)   (Arcade Ballroom)
09:00 Noble Liquid Experiments for Neutrino and Dark Matter Interactions - Kaixuan Ni (UC San Diego)   (Arcade Ballroom)
09:30 Chiral effective field theory for dark matter direct detection - Achim Schwenk (TU Darmstadt)   (Arcade Ballroom)
10:00 --- Break ---
Plenary - Reyco Henning (until 12:30) (Arcade Ballroom)
10:30 Progress in Solid State Dark Matter Detection - Priscilla Cushman (University of Minnesota)   (Arcade Ballroom)
11:00 [REMOTE] Dark Matter Candidates - Prof. Stefano Profumo (UCSC)   (Arcade Ballroom)
11:30 [REMOTE] Astrophysical axions - Ben Safdi   (Arcade Ballroom)
12:00 Prospects for Discovery of QCD Axions - Lindley Winslow (MIT)   (Arcade Ballroom)
09:00 --- Excursion ---
Plenary - Matthew Green (NCSU) (until 10:00) (Arcade Ballroom)
08:30 [REMOTE] Lattice QCD calculations on neutrino physics and dark matter searches - Xu Feng   (Arcade Ballroom)
09:00 [REMOTE] Nuclear muon capture - a probe of the $0\nu\beta\beta$ decay - Prof. Jouni Suhonen (University of Jyväskylä)   (Arcade Ballroom)
09:30 Review of Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Searches - Ben Jones (University of Texas at Arlington)   (Arcade Ballroom)
10:00 --- Break ---
Plenary - Jonathan Engel (University of North Carolina) (until 12:30) (Arcade Ballroom)
10:30 Nuclear matrix elements for neutrinoless double-beta decay - Prof. Fedor Šimkovic (Comenius University in Bratislava)   (Arcade Ballroom)
11:00 New Results from KamLAND-Zen 800 with Nearly a Ton-Year Exposure of Xe-136 - Christopher Grant (Boston University)   (Arcade Ballroom)
11:30 Effective Field Theories for neutrinoless double beta decay - emanuele mereghetti (LANL)   (Arcade Ballroom)
12:00 Ab initio theory for heavy nuclei and the physics of neutrinos and dark matter - Jason Holt (TRIUMF)   (Arcade Ballroom)
Parallel - Zoya Vallari (Caltech) (until 10:10) (Arcade Ballroom: South)
08:30 First Results from MicroBooNE's Low Energy Excess Search - Mark Ross-Lonergan (Los Alamos National Lab) Guanqun Ge (Columbia University)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
08:55 Solar Neutrino Physics with Borexino - Xuefeng Ding   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
09:20 Predicting supernovae induced event rates in KamLAND using snewpy and SNOwGLoBES - Joseph Smolsky (MIT)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
09:45 [REMOTE] BBN and CMB combined and separate constraints on new physics: measuring N_eff and probing its evolution - Tsung-Han Yeh (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
Parallel - Brian Lenardo (Stanford University) (until 10:10) (Arcade Ballroom: West)
08:30 The KDK experiment looking for a rare electron-capture decay - Philippe Di Stefano (Queen's University)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
08:55 Status and perspectives of the DarkSide experimental program - Claudio Savarese (Princeton University)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
09:20 [REMOTE] Stopped-pion neutrino scattering off 127I and 133Cs using a hybrid approach of shell model and MQPM - Matti Hellgren (University of Jyväskylä)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
09:45 The Nucleon Axial Form Factor from Lattice QCD and its Impact on Neutrino Oscillation Experiments - Aaron Meyer (University of California, Berkeley)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
10:10 --- Break ---
Plenary - Julieta Gruszko (UNC Chapel Hill) (until 12:05) (Arcade Ballroom)
10:35 [REMOTE] Indirect Detection: Scanning the Sky for Dark Matter - Kerstin Perez   (Arcade Ballroom)
11:05 [REMOTE] Light Dark Matter Searches at Accelerators - Brian Batell (University of Pittsburgh)   (Arcade Ballroom)
11:35 [REMOTE] Astrophysical Neutrinos: Status and Future - Stephanie Wissel (Pennsylvania State Universityty)   (Arcade Ballroom)
18:00 --- Welcome Reception & Conference Check-in ---
13:10 --- Lunch ---
Parallel - Kate Scholberg (Duke University) (until 15:55) (Arcade Ballroom: West)
14:40 The Project 8 Neutrino Mass Experiment - Walter Pettus (Indiana University)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
15:05 Plutonium-241 as a possible isotope for neutrino mass measurement and capture - Nicolo de Groot (Radboud University and Nikhef)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
15:30 [REMOTE] Latest news from CONNIE - Brenda Cervantes (UNAM)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
Parallel - Amy Nicholson (UNC Chapel Hill) (until 15:55) (Arcade Ballroom: South)
14:40 Inelastic nuclear scattering from neutrinos and dark matter - Dr Jayden Newstead (University of Melbourne)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
15:05 New Bounds on Neutrino Portals Through Upscattering Atmospheric Neutrinos - Mr Robert Gustafson (Virginia Tech)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
15:30 Searching for Beyond the Standard Model Physics with MicroBooNE - Ivan Lepetic (Rutgers University)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
15:55 --- Break ---
Parallel - Vincente Guiseppe (ORNL) (until 17:40) (Arcade Ballroom: South)
16:25 [REMOTE] Double Beta Decay and New Physics - Lukas Graf   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
16:50 Recent progress on BSM and dark matter searches in CUORE - Rebecca Kowalski (Johns Hopkins)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
17:15 [REMOTE] Searches for exotic dark matter with the Majorana Demonstrator - Clint Wiseman (University of Washington)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
Parallel - Diane Markoff (NC Central University and TUNL) (until 17:40) (Arcade Ballroom: West)
16:25 NUCLEUS: cryogenic calorimeters to detect coherent nuclear scattering of reactor antineutrinos - Victoria Wagner (Technical University Munich)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
16:50 Studies of Neutrinos and Dark Matter with the COHERENT experiment - Rex Tayloe (Indiana University)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
17:15 Probing Active-Sterile Neutrino Transition Magnetic Moments with CEvNS Photon Emission - Prof. Frank Deppisch (UCL)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
17:40 --- Break: Poster Session Reception ---
Poster Session (until 19:00) (Arcade Ballroom: Hallway)
18:00 Calibrating the nEXO detector with dissolved radioisotope sources - Brian Lenardo (Stanford University)   (Arcade Ballroom: Hallway)
18:00 Dark Matter, Dark Energy in the Radiation Gauge Extended Standard Model - Thomas Ward (TechSource Incorporated/DOE-NE)   (Arcade Ballroom: Hallway)
18:00 Machine Learning-Powered Autonomous Data Cleaning for LEGEND-200 - Esteban Leon (UNC Chapel Hill)   (Arcade Ballroom: Hallway)
18:00 Measurements of the nuclear-recoil ionization yield in silicon down to 100 eV with a SuperCDMS-HVeV detector - Runze Ren (Northwestern University)   (Arcade Ballroom: Hallway)
18:00 Modeling Backgrounds for the MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR - Anna Reine (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Christopher Haufe (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)   (Arcade Ballroom: Hallway)
18:00 Surface events pulse shape simulation for the LEGEND experiment - Kevin Bhimani (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)   (Arcade Ballroom: Hallway)
18:00 The First Machine Learning Analysis for Majorana Demonstrator Experiment - Aobo Li (UNC Chapel Hill)   (Arcade Ballroom: Hallway)
18:00 Why not Neutrinos as the Dark Matter? A Critical Review, KATRIN and New Directions - Peter Morley (Blue Ridge Scientific LLC)   (Arcade Ballroom: Hallway)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Parallel - Reyco Henning (until 15:40) (Arcade Ballroom: South)
14:00 [REMOTE] Blazar-Boosted Dark Matter - Mr Alessandro Granelli (SISSA)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
14:25 Dark matter direct detection with light nuclei in a combined large-$N_c$ and pionless effective field theory expansion - Thomas Richardson (Duke University)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
14:50 Impact of COHERENT, cross section uncertainties and new interactions on the neutrino floor - Valentina De Romeri (IFIC UV/CSIC)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
15:15 [REMOTE] The NEWSdm experiment for directional dark matter searches - Andrey Alexandrov (University of Naples "Federico II")   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
Parallel - Matthew Green (NCSU) (until 15:40) (Arcade Ballroom: West)
14:00 [REMOTE] Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay via Light Neutralinos - Bhupal Dev (Washington University in St. Louis)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
14:25 Probing Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay in Multiple Isotopes - Graham Van Goffrier (UCL)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
14:50 [REMOTE] Nuclear matrix elements for nutrinoless double beta decays and spin dipole giant resonances studied by charge exchange nuclear reactions - Prof. Hiroyasu Ejiri (RCNP Osaka University )   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
15:15 Results of the MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR's search for neutrinoless double-beta decay in $^{76}$Ge - Ian Guinn (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
15:40 --- Break ---
Parallel - Jason Newby (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) (until 17:50) (Arcade Ballroom: South)
16:10 Status Update on the LUX-ZEPLIN Experiment - Micah Buuck (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
16:35 [REMOTE] Dark Matter searches in the XENON experiment - Yossi Mosbacher (Weizmann Institute)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
17:00 DAMIC at SNOLAB Results - Alexander Piers (University of Washington)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
17:25 [REMOTE] CRESST-III: testing light dark matter with scintillating phonon detectors - Felix Wagner (HEPHY Vienna)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
Parallel - Julieta Gruszko (UNC Chapel Hill) (until 17:50) (Arcade Ballroom: West)
16:10 GERDA: Final Results and the Hunt for Exotic Physics - Patrick Krause (Technical University of Munich)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
16:35 Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay in the SNO+ Experiment - William Parker (Oxford University)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
17:00 AMoRE the Korean underground neutrino and nuclear science - Jungho So (Institute for Basic Science)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
17:25 The NEXT program for neutrinoless double beta decay searches - Taylor Contreras (Harvard University)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
19:00 IAC Meeting   ()
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Parallel - Rex Tayloe (Indiana University) (until 15:15) (Arcade Ballroom: South)
14:00 Evidence for DM-like anomalies in neutron multiplicity spectra - Wladyslaw Henryk Trzaska (University of Jyvaskyla)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
14:25 [REMOTE] Neutron Dark Decay - Theoretical and Experimental Status - Dr Bartosz Fornal (Barry University)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
14:50 Explaining lepton-flavor non-universality and self-interacting dark matter with Lμ-Lτ - Julian Heeck (University of Virginia)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
Parallel - Diane Markoff (NC Central University and TUNL) (until 15:15) (Arcade Ballroom: West)
14:00 Double beta decays of $^{124}$Xe and $^{136}$Xe in XENON1T and XENONnT - Dr Christian Wittweg (University of Zurich)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
14:25 Design and sensitivity of nEXO’s neutrinoless double beta decay search - Dr Sander Breur (SLAC/Stanford)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
14:50 LEGEND - The Large Enriched Germanium Experiment for Neutrinoless ββ Decay - Aobo Li (UNC Chapel Hill)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
15:15 --- Break ---
Parallel - Elizabeth Worcester (Brookhaven National Lab) (until 17:25) (Arcade Ballroom: South)
15:45 Neutrino Mass Model and Its Link to Flavor Anomalies - Anil Thapa (University of Virginia)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
16:10 Impact of neutrino effective NSSI on sterile neutrino dark matter - Cristina Benso (Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
16:35 Baksan Experiment on Sterile Transitions (BEST) - In Wook Kim   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
17:00 The BeEST Experiment: A Model Independent Search for sub-MeV Neutrinos with Superconducting Quantum Sensors - Kyle Leach (Colorado School of Mines)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
Parallel - Micah Buuck (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) (until 17:25) (Arcade Ballroom: West)
15:45 Experimental study of the nucleus 136Cs with implications for liquid-xenon-based experiments in particle physics - Tim Daniels (UNCW)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
16:10 [REMOTE] SND@LHC experiment at CERN - Dr Antonio Iuliano (Università di Napoli Federico II and INFN)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
16:35 [REMOTE] The CYGNO experiment - Samuele Torelli (Gran Sasso Science Institute)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
17:00 The Oscura experiment – searching for low-mass dark matter with a very-large array of skipper-CCDs - Nathan Saffold (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
18:30 --- Banquet ---
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Parallel - Vincente Guiseppe (ORNL) (until 15:40) (Arcade Ballroom: West)
14:00 [REMOTE] Axion and Dark Matter Searches Using the IsoDAR Neutrino Experiment - Loyd Waites (MIT)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
14:25 Studying dark matter with MadDM: New developments - Jan Heisig (Université catholique de Louvain)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
14:50 MAGNETO-X: Fast athermal Phonon Sensing with Magnetic Quantum Sensors for DM and CEvNS Detection - Geon-Bo Kim (LLNL)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
15:15 [REMOTE] CRAB : Calibration by Recoils for Accurate Bolometry at the 100 eV scale using neutron capture - Mr Loic Thulliez (IRFU, CEA, Université Paris-Saclay, 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette, France)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
Parallel - Mary Kidd (Tennessee Technological University) (until 15:40) (Arcade Ballroom: South)
14:00 [REMOTE] Successful nu-p process in neutrino-driven outflows in core-collapse supernovae - Amol Patwardhan (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
14:25 Fast flavor neutrino oscillations with moments - Evan Grohs (North Carolina State University)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
14:50 Neutrino Flavor Instability in Neutron Star Mergers - Sherwood Richers (UC Berkeley)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
15:15 Collisional processes and collective oscillations of supernova neutrinos - Dr Luke Johns (UC Berkeley)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
15:40 --- Break ---
Parallel - David Radford (ORNL) (until 17:25) (Arcade Ballroom: West)
16:10 R&D and characterization of wavelength-shifting reflectors for LEGEND and for future LAr-based detectors - Gabriela R. Araujo (University of Zurich)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
16:35 [REMOTE] Development of Ge detectors for rare-event physics searches - Prof. Dongming Mei   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
17:00 Recent neutrino cross-section results from MicroBooNE - Meghna Bhattacharya (Fermilab)   (Arcade Ballroom: West)
Parallel - Raquel Castillo (until 17:25) (Arcade Ballroom: South)
16:10 [REMOTE] Inference of bipolar neutrino flavor oscillations near a core-collapse supernova, based on simulated measurements at Earth - Prof. Eve Armstrong (New York Institute of Technology)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
16:35 Neutrino oscillations as flavor isospin waves - Huaiyu Duan (University of New Mexico)   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
17:00 [REMOTE] Neutrino mean free path in dense matter with neutrino magnetic moment and charge radius constraints and medium modifications of nucleon form factor - Dr Parada Tobel Paraduan Hutauruk (Pukyong National University (PKNU))   (Arcade Ballroom: South)
12:05 --- Break ---
Plenary - Jonathan Engel (University of North Carolina) (until 13:25) (Arcade Ballroom)
12:25 Coherent elastic neutrino nucleus scattering: physics potential, experimental efforts and prospects for the future - Janina Hakenmueller (Max-Planck-institut fuer Kernphysik, Heidelberg, Germany)   (Arcade Ballroom)
12:55 Direct neutrino mass searches - Benjamin Monreal (Case Western Reserve University)   (Arcade Ballroom)
13:25 Closing   (Arcade Ballroom)